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A Lifetime of Seed Experience

When United Prairie made the decision to increase their emphasis on seed, they put together a team of seed specialists to spearhead the effort. That’s what brought Randy Mosier to the company.

Excited About a New Opportunity

I’m excited to announce that a new position at United Prairie—the innovation agronomy lead—has now become a reality.

Processing Another Production Season

As we reach the end of another production season, we’re in the process of collecting and analyzing our 2018 data. As always, some of the preliminary results have been interesting.

Hoopeston, Danvers Highlight a Successful Year

We are very proud that another strong year for United Prairie has drawn to a close. We are thankful for all of the faith and trust our growers place in us. We work hard every day to exceed your expectations.

Replacing What Your Crops Remove

We have been seeing some exceptional yields again this year. One thing to consider when harvesting high-yielding crops is nutrient removal.

United Prairie VT2 and Smartstax Decisions

Seed suppliers continue to come with new genetics that are only available in VT2 and these genetics are some of the highest yielding genetics out there. In an effort to help us make decisions for this coming year we participated in a joint effort with Wyffels and put yellow sticky traps in our bean plot fields.

Looking for Palmer Amaranth Populations

The weed science programs at Southern Illinois University and the University of Illinois are participating in a research project sponsored by the United Soybean Board to survey and monitor the potential for the evolution of weeds with resistance to glufosinate and dicamba. 

Seedling Diseases in Soybeans - Time to Scout!

Now is the time that seedling diseases of soybeans will start to be apparent.

Early Season Management of Soybeans

With soybean acreage in Illinois expected to increase some and corn acreage to fall this year, some soybeans in 2018 will follow soybeans.

Managing Corn Rootworm Populations in Illinois: Considerations for 2018

Rootworm management is a yearly consideration for most corn producers in central and northern Illinois.

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