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2014 Supply and Delivery Outlook

What a difference a year and good growing conditions can make. Last year we had shortages in both corn and beans across many different varieties. In 2014 we have very good supply of all our varieties, with the exception of several new corn hybrids. We are currently sold out of DKC64-87 but our sales force did an excellent job getting this hybrid placed for many of our customers. Many will get an opportunity to see this hybrid first hand this fall. Many of our customers are also getting a chance to try DKC60-67 and DKC66-40. These are two excellent 110 and 116 day hybrids. We still have some supply left of both these new hybrids but they are going fast. We also sold out of Wyffels 7888 which had a great year in 2013. Look for W7888 and other core hybrids in our Grower Evaluation Plots this year. We will have a good supply of our core hybrids DKC61-88, DKC62-97, DKC63-33 and DKC67-57.  From Becks, we will have 5552 and 6175 and we would appreciate filling your in-season needs.

Bean supply looks good overall; however, supplies are tightening up on Non-GMO beans and some early varieties. We have limited supply of several new soybeans you may want to try – Stine 38RE02, NK38-W4 and AG3634. We have good supplies of our core bean varieties AG3334, NK34-Z1, AG3533, AG3832 and NK39-U2 to help take care of your in-season needs.

The seed shed at Ivesdale is filling up quickly. We can start delivering seed corn anytime. We plan on starting our treatment plants in mid-February. We will treat Intellacoat beans first and then Intellacoat + will follow. I want to remind everyone that we cannot accept any treated beans, bags or bulk, for return. If you need to make any changes on your treated bean orders please contact your sales agronomist and double check that order. If anyone is ready for deliveries please call Tal Holmes (217-637-7604) or your sales agronomist. 

I’m still looking for bean plot co-operators to help with our Grower Evaluation plots. I currently have the Southern bean plot filled but still need plots in our East, West, and North growing areas. This is a great way to see firsthand the core varieties as well as the new varieties that we will use in the future. We will provide the manpower and we can provide the planter to help put these valuable plots in. Please contact me or your sales agronomist if you are interested in a Grower Evaluation Plot.

Thanks for your business.

Tal Holmes Tal Holmes
Seed Manager
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