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Crescent City Becomes Responsible Ag Certified

The United Prairie location in Crescent City, managed by Tim Gocken, has become the first United Prairie location to be Responsible Ag certified.  Crescent City was also the first retail agriculture facility in nation to register for Responsible Ag.

            Responsible Ag is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2014 to promote the public welfare by assisting agribusinesses as they seek to comply with federal environmental, health, safety, and security rules regarding the safe storage and handling of fertilizers.  This is a voluntary program for companies in the Ag industry to help show our commitment to safety and compliance.  All eight United Prairie Locations are signed up and registered with Responsible Ag and the other seven location will be going through their audits in the summer of 2017.

            In order to become Responsible Ag certified a company must first register for the program and have an audit of their facility performed by a certified Responsible Ag auditor once every three years.  The company’s entire facility is audited under this program, dry fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, shop, office, anhydrous ammonia, and ground are some examples.  After the audit is complete, the findings are posted to a Responsible Ag portal on their website ( within 24 hours of the audits completion.  The facility then receives a corrective plan listing any issues that were discovered.  That facility then works on correcting those issues.  It is only after issues have been corrected and documentation has been provided that a facility can receive the Responsible Ag certification.

            Tim Gocken and his staff at Crescent City are very proud of this certification.  It shows their commitment to safety and environmental compliance.  “All of our employees are local, from the community” said Tim Gocken.  “It is important to us that we show our communities we service, and live in, that we are doing things properly”.  Crescent City started this process over a year ago when they completed their initial audit.  Since then, they have been working hard to abate the issues found and submit their final report to Responsible Ag.  That final report was accepted and Crescent City received their certification at the end of this month.

            United Prairie is dedicated to the safety of our communities and our employees.  Our excellent staff recognizes the need for our facilities to be compliant with safety and health regulations at the state and federal level.  We are very proud of our Crescent City staff on their Responsible Ag certification.  Hopefully you, our community members, are proud as well.

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