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Facing Production Challenges Together

Put the extremes of the last two years together, and that’s how we get our averages. We’ve gone from five days of record highs last year to temperatures running 10 degrees below normal this season. The good news is we have some soil moisture. My point is that every year will be different, and the key to effective planning is to look ahead, not behind. Make your judgments based on current conditions, not history, and follow a plan that will enable you to achieve top yields if conditions allow. You’ll wind up ahead in the long run.

Obviously, there will be some adjustments to your plan as the year unfolds, and we’ll be working closely with you throughout the growing season. Our role is to help you identify and address the challenges we’ll encounter that could adversely affect your crop, as well as the opportunities that will enable your crop to deliver on its potential. Utilizing United Prairie’s scouting services is one excellent way to stay on top of crop progress and identify those crucial decision points. We can still add acres, so contact your local sales agronomist.

What to use when
Timing is everything in crop production, whether you’re deciding when the time is right to apply additional nitrogen, use a bio-stimulant, or apply fungicide. There are plenty of questions, too. Should I be using a nitrogen stabilizer or looking at foliar feeding? At United Prairie, we’re prepared to help you with those recommendations.

Recently, we held focus group meetings at our locations with small groups of farmers. When we asked what we could do that would be most helpful to them, the one response we heard consistently was this: Investigate all the new products, look at the results, and tell us which give us a good return on our investment.  

That’s why we spend so much time in the winter evaluating new products. Then we take the most promising products to the field. This year, we’ll be running trials on 60 dedicated acres and in farmer plots throughout our territory, evaluating new seed hybrids and varieties, different production practices, and new products. We do this to determine what works under our growing conditions and will be most likely to benefit your operation.

We’re here to deliver the knowledge, expertise, and service that will help you succeed. That’s our commitment to you this spring and throughout the coming year.

Todd Shunk Todd Shunk
Sales Manager
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