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Fine-Tuning Nitrogen Management

Variable-rate nitrogen application is a concept whose time has come, and United Prairie is a dealer for 360 Yield Center. They offer a modeling program that tracks a number of variables—weather, slope, temperature, and nitrogen applications—to determine how much nitrogen you need to apply in specific areas of your field.

We can also create management zones based on grid sampling and yield data, identifying some of the lower-lying areas of the field prone to denitrification. From those management zones, we have a 360 SoilSCAN™ portable soil testing system that can deliver a real-time, zone-specific nitrate analysis right in the field. Then we can write a variable-rate nitrogen prescription to address specific field conditions.

For our Climate Pro™ customers, we’re looking at using the SoilSCAN machine to ground truth some of the nitrogen predictors available in the Climate Pro platform.

All of these tools are geared for those who want to take a proactive approach to nitrogen management. We can help you put nitrogen where you need it, back it off where it will provide minimal return, and optimize overall use. With the current increased focus on controlling nitrogen runoff, this approach is definitely focused on the future.

Talk to me or any of the agronomy staff if you want more information on nitrogen management and variable-rate application.

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