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Great Harvest Leads to Fantastic Fall

A combination of factors has led to a really solid fall for us thus far—a big improvement over our position at this time last year. With the markets where they are, we might have anticipated a lighter fall application season. However, for whatever reasons—whether the early harvest opening up fields, big yields that pulled a lot of nutrients from those fields, or some farmers rethinking their approach to fertility this fall—we’ve already put on more than 20,000 tons of dry fertilizer. That’s going to help everyone out come spring.

The warm weather is going to make for a compressed anhydrous season, however, as we wait for soil temperatures to cool down. We’ll be running at least 12 custom tractors when the season opens up, as we’ll need to hit it hard. We’re geared up and ready to go.

Right now, we’re covering burndown acres. This is one of the approaches we see more farmers adopting every year as you do everything you can to stay ahead of your weeds. This summer, three straight weeks of wet weather led to some weed problems, so it’s worth taking a look at any and all approaches and chemistry combinations that can minimize weed pressure. That’s one more area where we can help.

We’re enjoying a great fall and hope you are too. Let us know how we can help you get ready for 2016.

Billy Gumm
Location Manager, Tolono
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