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Hoping for Rain and Thinking About Spring

As I’m driving by the fields at 60 mph, I can’t recall a year when the crops have looked as green and beautiful as these do. The key, however, is what we’ll find in a few more weeks when we stop the car and walk into the field. Right now, we’re talking about corn making 180 to 230 bushels per acre. But a lot of development has to occur before that is yield we can count on.

These soybeans, too, have great potential. Their final yields are hinging heavily on getting rain this month and filling out. The pods and beans appear to be there, and we need moisture to avoid those BB-size beans.

The general wisdom is that three timely rains will really make your crop: the first when you’re setting your seed, the second at pollination, and the third as the grain is filling. We’ve gotten the first two, and now we’re hoping for the third to put the cream on the crop. No matter what happens, we’re clearly much better off than we were last year.

I’ll be starting plot tours in the next week or two and getting serious about evaluating seed performance. Our sales agronomists are also out taking early commitment seed orders. So shift gears from vacation to planning mode, take advantage of our plot events to see how seed performed in our area, and order early to lock in the hybrids and varieties you want to plant in 2014.

Tal Holmes Tal Holmes
Seed Manager
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