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Innovation, Sound Agronomy Practices Make a Difference

By Tim Hughes, General Manager

We’re currently wrapping up a challenging year, with reduced commodity prices making it tough for growers. I’m happy to report, in spite of the challenges, it will still be a really good year for United Prairie. We can thank sound agronomy practices, developed over the years, for pulling us through.

These solid practices include spreading a considerable amount of variable-rate fertilizer for our producers, promoting split-shot application of nitrogen so growers can more efficiently manage nitrogen purchases, and finally, adding more customers.

Construction of our Emery location is well underway. The facility is state-of-the-art in terms of mixing, accuracy, and environmental sensitivity. By fall, we’ll be fully operational in Emery for ammonia; other chemicals will follow in the spring. Watch for an open house invitation.

As always, innovation is key at United Prairie. That was never more evident than at our Aug. 25 customer meeting when we highlighted our recently tested agronomic products and practices. In a time where purchases need to be highly scrutinized, testing is more important than ever. We want to make sure a product will do what we say it will do so we can confidently recommend it—or not—to our growers. Watch for testing results and updates in future newsletters. And speaking of innovation, be sure to read about the features of United Prairie’s new DataOnTouch™ product and The Innovation Farm elsewhere in this newsletter.

Tim Hughes Tim Hughes
General Manager
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