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New Tools for 2017

This is the time of year when those of us on the agronomy staff look back at the past year and figure out what we need to be focusing on for the year ahead. For 2017, one of the first things we’ll be working on is getting the right genetics on the right acres, which will also determine the best herbicide choices.

Those choices will likely be expanded with the recent EPA approval for the Xtend® soybeans. I expect dicamba-based systems and Liberty soybeans will be the two main players going forward. Liberty has worked very well in my area in the fight against resistance. I expect interest will continue to increase. With so many different soybean systems in play for 2017, communication between farmer and retailer will be extremely important.

The warm winter last year, and the weed problems that resulted the following year, caught some of you by surprise. With another warm fall this year, I’ve seen an increased interest in fall burndown, particularly to deal with marestail.

As has been mentioned elsewhere in the newsletter, big crops remove lots of nutrients, and those need to be replaced for the next growing season. The best way to ensure that nutrients are going where they’ll do the most good—and not where they’ll show no return—is to use the variable-rate technology programs we have available at United Prairie. It’s making a difference to the producers using the program.

One area of crop nutrition we don’t want to overlook is micronutrients. New clean air regulations mean that certain micros, like sulfur, manganese and boron are no longer being supplied environmentally. Micronutrients are important in their own right, but they are also crucial in getting the full value from applied N, P and K.

At the Innovation Farm, we’ve been evaluating a number of products intended to increase phosphorus availability and uptake. We’ve also been working with both FieldView™ and our own Data On Touch programs to find the perfect models for nitrogen application and the best way to use that nitrogen dollar.

We have a lot of information to share, so the winter meetings should be exciting. I hope to see many of you there.

Kaitlin Magsamen Kaitlin Magsamen
Sales Agronomist, White Heath
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