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Primed for Precision

The precision ag team is getting ready for another busy spring. One of the newer developments in which we’re seeing increased interest is variable-rate planting. Virtually all of the newer planters now have hydraulic drives, and when you couple those planters with updated monitors, you have the capability to vary plant populations to take advantage of the more productive areas of your fields.

We have two routes we can take to generate variable-rate planting prescriptions—the Monsanto FieldScriptsSM program or our own software. These programs incorporate data from your yield monitor as well as a variety of other information, such as soil type, soil CEC, and a corn productivity index. It’s best to have three years or more of corn data in order to make the most informed and accurate decisions and recommendations.

If you’re interested in looking into variable-rate planting or just have some questions, talk to me or any of our agronomists.

Testing season

Part of our seasonal preparation is determining what fields we’ll be soil testing this summer. Our goal is to test on a four-year rotation to ensure we’re working with accurate numbers, since those numbers are the basis for our fertility program recommendations.

That’s especially true for our variable-rate fertilizer customers, where we combine grid-sampling results with yield data and other variables to determine our fertility prescriptions. Our precision program continues to grow, and we’re looking forward to working with even more of you in 2014.

Aaron Grote Aaron Grote
Technical Services Representative
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