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Replacing What Your Crops Remove

We have been seeing some exceptional yields again this year. One thing to consider when harvesting high-yielding crops is nutrient removal. Last year the University of Illinois came out with some new removal rates on both P and K that are slightly lower than the rates we had been using.

When using the new removal rates, be sure to use the actual bushels removed when figuring your maintenance fertilizer, since there isn’t as much of a cushion like we had in the past. Here is a handy chart that shows the amount of product needed to replace nutrients removed on both corn and soybeans, as well as the amount of product needed for a two-year rotation.

The economics of raising high-yielding crops require us to consider many different fertilizer strategies in order to spread out costs. More growers are spreading every acre every year and fertilizing for each crop by either variable-rate applying both P and K and dividing the build over multiple years, or by splitting the application of product with MAP applied ahead of corn and potash before planting beans. Everyone has different strategies and we can customize your fertility plan to your specific goals.

Data driven

Another way to stay on top of nutrient removal is to utilize your machine-generated yield data to apply what the crop has actually removed. This has become much easier over the years as digital platforms, such as Climate and MyJohnDeere, have made getting your data to the cloud much easier and more cost effective. If you would like United Prairie to use your yield data in your fertilizer equations, it is as simple as linking your digital ag platform of choice with ours. United Prairie’s Data on Touch platform gives you access to your accounts, mapping, and field-level weather from our own network of weather stations.

If streaming your data to the cloud appeals to you but you have no idea where to start, Climate is offering a “try it before you buy it” program which will provide a risk-free trial of a FieldView Drive™ unit for data streaming from the field. The FieldView Drive is becoming compatible with more equipment every year. This fall, the mid-series Case combines will be added to the list with the addition of an adapter harness and a soon to be released software upgrade to your Pro 700 monitor. If you are interested in giving it a try, please contact your United Prairie agronomist and we can get you set up before harvest is over.

Aaron Grote Aaron Grote
GIS Manager
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