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Research Focuses on Bottom Line, Not Just Bushels

The Innovation Farm concept came about because of the input we received from you. You told us that you wanted help in making sense of the flood of new products that enter the ag market every year. So, our goal is to take a look at these products and determine which of them work as advertised under our growing conditions.

We’ve taken that request a step further. The key question is not, “Do these products work?” but rather, “Do they deliver a return on investment under our current, real-world conditions?” That is an important difference.

Those answers are going to vary year by year, and we take that into account. For example, if a product delivers a two-bushel-per-acre increase in corn yields, but costs $10 per acre, our analysis would be: Yes, it works. Yes, it will pay with $7 corn. No, it will probably not be worth the investment if corn is $4.

In addition to evaluating products we believe could deliver a return, we’re also going to take a look at hot products that we don’t really believe will live up to the hype. Our goal is to not only showcase a wide variety of products, but to generate data that allows us to make solid recommendations that will contribute to your bottom line. 

We’ll continue to look at new developments, like the trials we’re conducting this year to see how to get more out of our soybeans. Rest assured that when we find something that works where we farm, you’ll hear about it.

Russ Dukeman Russ Dukeman
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