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Research Yields Bottom-Line Results

At United Prairie, we place a very high value on local research. All sorts of products and practices come to the market with some big claims. Our goal is to determine which products will actually perform, and provide a consistent return on investment, under the growing conditions we encounter in our trade area.

We shared our 2017 trial results to a very receptive audience at our grower event earlier this year. Not only do we have the results from last year, because the Innovation Farm and our system of cooperator trials are well established, but we now have a three-year track record with some of these products and practices. Over these three years, we have seen two practices deliver consistently strong results:

  • The MicroShield micronutrient foliar package
  • Fungicide on both corn and soybeans

As you’ve read or will read, our sales agronomists have confirmed the effectiveness of these practices in their areas. And we will continue to test these practices going forward to determine their ongoing effectiveness.

I’d like to let the numbers make the case for some of the practices which have been shown in our research to deliver a positive ROI. You’ll also see that not everything we test lives up to our expectations. That’s ok, because we want our research to honest, transparent and above all, useful to you.

If you have questions, be sure to talk to one of our sales agronomists. Ask them for a copy of the results booklet we have produced. Research information is also located on our website,

Jeff Brown
Agronomy Manager
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