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A Lifetime of Seed Experience

When United Prairie made the decision to increase their emphasis on seed, they put together a team of seed specialists to spearhead the effort. That’s what brought Randy Mosier to the company.

“I was working for my family farm and seed business, and Kyle Meece was the United Prairie agronomist working with us,” Randy says. “When I was looking for a change, Kyle and another individual from United Prairie got me in front of Tal Holmes and Tim Hughes. I started in June and I’m excited to be here.”

Randy Mosier

Randy literally grew up in the seed business. “My dad was a seed dealer, and I remember going on deliveries with him as young laborer, so my brother and I threw a lot of 50-pound bags of seed,” he recalls.

Though Danvers is technically his home base, Randy lives in Bloomington-Normal and will generally head north, south or east from there every day. He and the other members of the seed team—Darren Roelfs, Mitch Holmes and Tal Holmes—operate as a seed-focused resource for United Prairie customers and agronomists.

“We’ll be in the fields right after the planters are done, scouting throughout the growing season and evaluating the seed for the next season,” Randy explains. “We’re attending all the meetings through the summer and winter, relaying new developments to the sales agronomy team and working with them to convey that information to the grower. We’ll be providing touch points for producers throughout the growing season.”

As to advice for the coming season, Randy has this to say: “The biggest thing I’m talking to people about is making sure they’re getting a return on their investment. With the tight margins, it’s more important to run your numbers and make smart decisions, but also to keep an open mind on things that provide a proven return. For example, fungicide application on certain hybrids and fertility management.”

“Seed placement is going to be more and more important going forward,” Randy continues. “Every acre is different and every farmer is different. The Easy Button doesn’t work anymore. You can’t just say I want so many units of this hybrid at this cost. We’re going to have to take a much more precise approach to seed selection, field-by-field. That’s what we’re here for.”

Proper seed selection and placement is critical when margins are tight.

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