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Soybean Selection Hot Topic for 2018

One of the more significant agronomy choices for 2018 will be whether to go with Xtend® or LibertyLink® soybeans. That decision should be made based on the specific weed control issues you face. We have solid lineups of both Liberty and Xtend beans that will deliver strong yields. No matter which way you go, we’re confident yields won’t suffer.

Whether you apply yourself or choose to use our custom application service, you’ll want to pay careful attention to the requirements for the XtendiMax® dicamba herbicide, if you choose Xtend soybeans.

Moving to corn, the genetics we used last year are leading the field again. There are some new numbers, however, that you may want to try a planter full of for the coming year. We’re ready to help you match the right hybrid to your soil, growing conditions and maturity.

Evaluate rootworm pressure

This is the second or third year in which we’ve seen declining rootworm pressure in many of our fields. Some of the best genetics for yield are associated with Double Pro hybrids right now. Wyffels corn has some very strong Double Pro genetics, and DEKALB® has some excellent SmartStax hybrids that are also available in Double Pro.

If you’re in an area where rootworm is not a major issue, or you have a planter equipped to apply insecticide, take a look at these Double Pro options. They’ll deliver strong yields at a price that will help your bottom line. However, if you’re in an area that traditionally experienced rootworm pressure, discuss your situation with us. A SmartStax® hybrid may be the better choice for you.

Once again this year, soybeans planted in April delivered better yields than those planted in May. In our area, seed treatment is a must if you’re planting early—a fungicide/insecticide package at a minimum. And, as Darren Roelfs observes in the Danvers area, fungicide application—at times combined with catching some spotty rain—resulted in as much as a 10-bushel yield advantage in some areas.

Keep all these observations in mind as you plan for 2018. Remember that we’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to bring us your questions.


Tal Holmes Tal Holmes
Seed Manager
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