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Top Production Starts With Soil Sampling

With margins tight and a big crop pulling more nutrients than usual from the soil, knowing precisely what you have in that soil is more important than ever. That’s the value of soil testing—it gives you an accurate picture of nutrient levels so you have a solid baseline to plan your agronomic program for 2015.

Now is not the time to cut back on crop nutrients, because producing every bushel possible is key when per-bushel prices are lower. This is the time to make the best possible use of your input dollar, and soil testing is a crucial part of that effort. An accurate soil test, combined with precision application, enables you to raise nutrient levels in productive portions of your fields and apply less in areas where potential is maxed out.

We offer the full range of soil sampling, and many of you have already taken advantage of our program this summer. If you haven’t, fall is another good time to sample. Let us know now so we can get into your fields as soon as your crops come out. That way, we can get the results back to you with plenty of time for fall application.

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