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Treating Your Fields Like You Would

Favorable weather led to a very strong fall application season, and we’re anticipating a full spring season as well. In our ongoing effort to match our capacity to your needs, we’ve added several new pieces of application equipment, as well as two new operators. Our new chemical warehouse in Jamaica is finished, and will be fully operational this spring. We’ve also begun work on a new chemical shed in Dewey that may see limited action in late summer, and should be fully operational this fall.

We not only want our applicator operators to have the best equipment, but also an up-to-the-minute knowledge of the latest trends in application technology. With weed resistance fueling the need for more pre-emergence products and tank mixes, application practices are also evolving. This winter, we focused our applicator training on selecting the right nozzles and getting all the variables—adjuvants, tank mix order, application pressure—fine tuned. That kind of training is critically important, because we want to treat your fields like we would our own.

Moving from crop protection to seed, I’m pleased to welcome another addition to United Prairie. Tal Holmes, our new seed manager, brings 20 years of experience to the company. You can learn more about Tal in his article in this newsletter.

Thanks to your continued partnership, we’re on target to enjoy a very good year and more solid growth. We’ll continue to utilize our sound financial position to secure the equipment and people necessary to deliver the high level of service you expect from United Prairie.

Tim Hughes Tim Hughes
General Manager
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