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Weather Station Data App Available

Have an IPhone or Android, then you can access United Prairie’s new weather stations!


Have you noticed a new weather station or two in our surrounding area recently?  Pictured at the left at our Innovation Research Farm near Sadorus is United Prairie’s first of many weather stations we plan to strategically position throughout our trade area.  Presently, we have (17) units installed and operational with intentions of adding (8) more weather permitting yet this year.  The master plan is to add many more over the next year or two. 


So what is so special about these weather stations you might ask?  Besides the standard air temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall, wind speed and direction these solar powered units are also outfitted with soil temperature and soil moisture probes at (4) different depths [2”, 5”, 10”, 15”].  This makes it very easy to monitor soil temperature for safe planting and NH3 application planning. 


Presently, anyone can access the weather data at anyone of these weather stations.  The purpose of this announcement is to help you with installing the application that will allow this access plus describe some of its features. 


WeatherLink by Davis Instruments Corp.

The Apple ITunes version that can be purchased (free) and downloaded onto any IPhone, IPad and IPod touch devices.  For Android devices, go to “” website and look for the free download from Google Play by searching for “WeatherLink”.  Once downloaded, open the app and begin by adding weather stations.  To begin this process tap the “+” sign located at the bottom left of your WeatherLink screen.  Next tap the “+” sign at the top left of the next screen and type in the nearest city and state of where you would like to search.  Tap on the correct city/state below and a list of weather station locations will appear.  Those that begin with “United Prairie” are our weather stations.  Tap the “Davis Instruments” logo on the right to add weather stations to your “home page”.  Once you have all you would like to add, go ahead and tap on a location to pull up the weather data.  There is a lot of information here.  First scroll up/down to view all there is to see in the opening screen.  Next flip right to left to see the same format of information only for “Current”, “Today”, “Month” and “Year”. 

Temperature and Moisture Probes

Temperatures at each of the (4) depths are seen as TEMPs1, TEMPs2, TEMPs3, TEMPs4 (Fahrenheit).  The soil moisture probes at the same depths are identified by SOIL1, SOIL2, SOIL3, and SOIL4 (measured in cb-centibars).  The centibar scale range is 0-200.  Read carefully here – a reading of “0” indicates saturated soil whereas a reading of “200” means the driest soil measurement.  This is opposite of what most users would expect. 


Real-time, local weather station data is now at your fingertips.  Try it out!


Should you have any questions, please contact your local United Prairie Sales Agronomist.  Look for more features in future communications.  

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