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Weed Management Strategies on the Right Track

As we approach the window for post application of chemicals I wanted to take a second and reflect back on all of our efforts we have made in regards to weed management strategies up to this point in this 2014 crop year. It seems like it was just yesterday when our sales team hit the road and headed south to visit what is unfortunately referred to as Palmer Amaranth country anymore. Seeing the hardships that those farmers were going through down there really hit home with me as well as every other person I feel that was on that trip that weekend. Knowing how easy the problems they were facing down in Arkansas could potentially be at our back door in such a short amount of time was enough for me to hit the road running once we got home and let my growers know what we were all going to be up against.

What I am truly impressed with was the amount of growers that took to heart what we were telling them about concerning these potential problems and realized that there needed to be a change within their operation regarding their current chemical program. Whether it be the addition of a fall burndown residual pass or the addition of an added residual chemistry in that of their pre-plant trip, I was relieved to see and hear of the lack of hesitation our growers had when each of them were speaking with their sales agronomist during prepay season and to this point sticking with the plan that was in place knowing it isn’t the most economical but realizing it is the best plan for success and profitability.

Although I know my opinion is biased, I feel United Prairie is a step above our competition in regards to the information we have for our growers pertaining to these weed management strategies. I believe this is due to the trips we have taken to the heart of Palmer country as well as the knowledgeable group of speakers we have been able to put in front of you all concerning these same issues. This is why I also believe at the same time you as growers and customers of United Prairie are above your competition amongst the countryside. It is not always easy to adapt to something different within an operation especially to that of which cost more in regards to dollars/acre at the end of the day but it is the customers of United Prairie being able to adapt to these new strategies that will inevitably lead to making each of your operations more profitable at the end of that day.

I want to thank all of you for your continued support as well as wish all of you the best of luck in the remaining months of this 2014 crop year.

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