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What Can We Learn?

Planting season is long gone and even the majority of post applications of herbicide have been completed but is everything we can do for this crop over? As airplanes fill the sky with applications of fungicide on corn and soybeans this is usually a signal to sit back and let mother nature take over. The USDA has already forecast a bumper crop so what else can we do?

At United Prairie we continue to ask ourselves this question: Have we brought all the pieces to our customers to maximize their yield potential? As the price of corn and soybeans continue to slide it becomes even more important for us to give sound advice. The challenge is how to collect data to make fact based reccomendations. The same question of, “does this pay?” will remain until we can do more to collect information. The decision to spend more on this crop, with prices going down, is very difficult and we appreciate this struggle. However, what if there is a $10.00 investment that will pay $15.00 and what piece may pay the best? Is an application of fungicide, insecticide, foliar nutrients, or nitrogen at this time the most important. This is information we are continuing to try to collect and you can help.

Talk to your local agronomist about the virtues of these pieces. We would like to work with you, even if on just a small trial, so each and every year the info we can bring to our customers is more fact based instead of best guess.

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